Evaluación de ecosistemas del milenio de España

ECOSISTEMAS para el bienestar humano
27 de enero de 2015

Ecosystems and biodiversity for human wellbeing – SNEA – Synthesis of Key Findings (Download)

El Informe de Sí­ntesis de EME en inglés está disponible para su descarga tanto por capí­tulos independientes, como el informe completo (al final de la página, 131MB).

The Spanish National Ecosystems Assessment (SNEA) has updated and translated into English the Synthesis of Key Findings.

Download Ecosystems and Biodiversity for human wellbeing – SNEA – Synthesis of Key Findings by chapters

Front page Synthesis of Key Findings
• Front, table of contents, foreword, preface and key messages. (Download 4,86MB)

• Introduction. (Part 1 download 6,74MB; Part 2 download 4,01MB)

• Chapter 1. How is Biodiversity changing in Spain? - Revealing the values underlying biodiversity conservation in Spain. (Download 3,66MB)

• Chapter 2. What is the status of trends ocurring in Spanish ecosystems and the services they provide to society? – Evaluating our ecosystems and their services, evaluating our wellbeing. (Download 6,86MB)

• Chapter 3. What are the main direct drivers of change for Spanish ecosystems and their services? – Spanish ecosystems and its biodiversity under pressure. (Download 3,95MB)

• Chapter 4. What are the underlying causes of ecosystem degradation? – The need to focus on managing the real causes (indirect drivers) and to not only minimize their impact (direct drivers). (Download 3,13MB)

• Chapter 5. How do ecosystem services affect human wellbeing and who are the beneficiaries? – A multidimensional analysis of the quality of life in Spain. (Download 3,63MB)

• Chapter 6. How can we integrate a multiscalar approach into National Ecosystem Assessments? – From national to local and vice versa. (Download 4,89MB)

• Chapter 7. What is the Spanish public’s current understanding of ecosystem services and how can we communicate our main results? – From theory to action. (Download 5,23MB)

• Chapter 8. How might ecosystems and their services change in Spain under plausible future scenarios? – The necessity of a long view. (Download 4,14MB)

• Chapter 9. How can we initiate a transition towards socio-ecological sustainability in Spain? – From applied science to the application of science. (Download 2,71MB)

• Annex. Summary of key findings from ecosystems – Status and trends of ecosystems in Spain. (Part 1 download 5,38MB; Part 2 download 5,12MB)

• References, data sources, acronyms, glossary. (Download 2,04MB)

Shyntesis of Key Findings (whole report)

• All chapters (Download 176MB)


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